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          Front of school

          Ethos of St Joan of Arc Catholic School


          The care and guidance offered by the staff provides an ethos that will allow each pupil to become the special person God intended them to be.


          The 瞳溢价 is an additional grant allocated to all schools by the Government to support the raising of attainment of pupils eligible for free school meals.

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          How St Joan of Arc School is allocating the 瞳溢价 funding

          • Deployment of Teaching Assistants to support effective engagement with learning in the classroom
          • Literacy and numeracy intervention where appropriate
          • One-to-three tutoring in English and Maths where appropriate
          • Support for revision where needed
          • Course materials and resources where needed
          • School based access to ICT facilities to support learning
          • School based printing to support learning
          • Support for school trips where appropriate
          • Welfare Officer available to support pupils with medical needs
          • Mentors available to support pupils with pastoral needs
          • Counsellor available to support pupils as required
          • Chaplain available to support pupils as required
          • Careers guidance by an external advisor to support pupils as required

          Outcomes for these pupils are monitored through school tracking, progress reports and exam results to ensure that their needs are being met and that this additional funding is having a positive impact.


          瞳溢价 日期  
          瞳溢价 Policy 2019/2020 2020年1月13日 下载


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